Let Go Green!!!

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My Hand~.~

Today just finish my sup and i feel my wrist cant move already>.<...Day before the sup, we go Genting and i think i over use my own hand....my arm hurt after we come back (only can rise until 45 degree up)...Now wrist (totally can move, just can put at horizontal...I think better have a good rest to recover my hand T.T
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Sabah Trip

Oh yes, welcome to sabah!!! Let check out what we have here^^

5 Star Hotel just like "Istana"

So huge inside

Mosque on lake!!

Building with unqiue style

This is taken by my new toy Tokina 124^^ nice bah

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Hot Air Balloon

International Hot Air Balloon day!!!! At here, we able to see different type of hot air balloon from different country^^....most of it with cute style....Enjoy the photo^^

Hot air ballon prepare to fly...

ah..already take off...

lion...cute cute lion
Smiling face....
Orange behind tree...big big orange
:Oi, someone leave his pants standing???

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Alor Star Trip

Go Alor Star with my old friends, but unlucky, many pictures taken using my old unformat memory card...Now, all the early pictures taken, can not been read by computer~.~...haiz....

Stacue Amry: hey men, return my weapon, is not a toy, u know....

Garden view within the museum

Got bear in the house!!! Oh No....

This very a kind of friends...saw speedtrap also didnt inform a sound...just know to take picture~.~
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Melacca Trip!!!

First time went to melacca, so excited^^

Chicken rice ball, unique, testy, and abit small for my stomuch>.< hahahaha

Melacca river view^^

Ship on the middle of land?? nice!!!

This!!! super recommended!!!
Further intro can log in my friend blog : Even 
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New Toy^^

Ohyaya...after getting my telescope lens of 55-250mm, now let me introduce the new toy, Tokina 124 (12 - 24mm) super wide lens^^ It use to take view from any angle, super cool gear^^ looking foward to it performance^^
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